Project 366 Week 34

Little guy started preschool this week! Thankfully he really likes it and there were no tears!

Aug 20 Reverse freelensing
Aug 21ish We are planning on going camping with the boys for the first time next weekend so I wanted to brush up on my night photography skills. They are, admittedly, very bad skills. Haha! There’s a lot of light pollution in our area, but I thought I would still practice a little bit since it was clear this evening.
Aug 22 There are tons of butterflies around here right now. This one wasn’t super pretty, but he stayed on our back door and let us watch him for a long time today.
Aug 23 Preschool open house.
Aug 24 J’s first day of preschool. Both boys wanted in the picture today.
Aug 24 All ready to go in to school! That backpack is almost as big as he is.
Aug 25 Grumpy face because Mom is taking another photograph.
Aug 26ish. Tree climber.

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